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    UserTransaction not bound????

    James Bragg Newbie

      Has anyone else had this issue with this error?  I have seen several references in some of the other community forums for older versions of JBoss AS (4.0x) but from what I can see this issue was resolved in the more resent version of JBoss AS.  In short there appears to be an issue with who seam performs a JNDI lookup for the 'UserTransaction'.  "java:comp/env/UserTransaction" instead of just looking up as "UserTransaction".


      Additionally, I only have this problem when I am attempting to run this in my development RHEL 5 virtual sandbox.  When running on my Windows XP desktop, I don't encounter this error.


      Is there some setting that I need to configure in the portal, to perform lookup properly??


      Note: this RHEL 5 sandbox is configured in a cluster; where as, my local development is not setup in a cluster.



      I have attached a sample of the stacktrace and a compress version of the full stacktrace for review.