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    400 caches equals 400 eviction threads ?

    Chris Meunier Newbie



      I am starting a new topic for this question alone that I raised in this topic : http://community.jboss.org/thread/157035?tstart=0


      Right now, I got close to 400 caches and infinispan spawn one eviction thread per cache....


      Sanne suggested to use LIRS instead of LRU to address the issue, totally forgot about that one and I then dig a little bit in the doc and found out also that i should be able to use the new thread-policy attribute of the eviction element to "PIGGYBACK" to avoid this as well.


      The issue is I tried both and no matter what, I still end up with the 400 eviction threads. I am using IS-4.2.0-ALPHA2 and HIB-3.5.6


      Thanks in advance for your help !