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    Hot standby with mod_cluster 1.1.0

    Henrik Aronsen Novice

      How do I configure a node as a hot standby?  The docs mentions hot standby in the mod_proxy migration guide:


      Mod_proxy Parameter



      mod_cluster has a finer status handling: by context via the ENABLE/STOP/DISABLE/REMOVE application messages. hot-standby is done by lbfactor = 0 and Error by lbfactor = 1 both values are sent in STATUS message by the ClusterListener


      The load factor is received by mod_cluster from a calculated value in the ClusterListener


      But how do I set this with mod_cluster 1.1.0?  I do not configure the balancers manually, which means that I have no place to put a lbfactor variable.  Or do I?


      I use JBoss EAP 5.0.1, by the way.