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    Inserting NULL data in field throw NullPointerException

    Balaji Seshadri Newbie

      Please see this NullPointerException when i try to insert data to table,its a date column in oracle.


      When i remove the column from the insert query it works.




      INSERT INTO EPCSchema.SATELLITE (EPCSchema.SATELLITE.guid, EPCSchema.SATELLITE.name, EPCSchema.SATELLITE.launchdate,EPCSchema.SATELLITE.endDate, EPCSchema.SATELLITE.satellitestatus, EPCSchema.SATELLITE.orbitallocation_guid) SELECT satellite.* FROM (EXEC GetXml.getTextFiles('Satellite.xml')) AS f, XMLTABLE('$d/satellites/satellite' PASSING XMLPARSE(DOCUMENT F.file) AS d COLUMNS guid string PATH '@guid', name string PATH 'name', launchDate timestamp PATH 'launchDate',endDate timestamp PATH 'endDate', satellitestatus string PATH 'satelliteStatus', orbitallocation_guid string PATH 'orbitalLocation/@guid') AS satellite ORDER BY name;


      Attaching the results of the select query embeded in this insert query, table data structure and the error from JBoss AS.