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    topic-selector-example1 and topic-selector-example2 with Interceptor

    rahul_gsg Newbie

      When I tried these examples with Interceptors for SessionCreateConsumerMessage and SessionConsumerCloseMessage in hornetq-2.1.1  ,

      upon printing these Objects , they display something like below

      [java] HornetQServer_0 out:PACKET[type=40, channelID=11], queueName=9d4df910-6f14-4b0c-878e-2b5de632a8b6, filterString=null]


      <<custom Sys out on the same object>>

      [java] HornetQServer_0 out:Staring Consumer : ConsumerID=2  QueueName=9d4df910-6f14-4b0c-878e-2b5de632a8b6 Type=40 Channelid=11  filter=null


      is it possible to know the actual topicname for the consumer using this event or enable interceptor only on some topics rather than having them on all the topics hosted in HQ?


      Also I am wondering why the filter is null ,eventhough the consumer have some filter set.


      Please advise.