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    How to refer to a item of a SelectManyCheckbox programmatically

    Leo K Newbie



      I am trying to generate programmatically this


      HtmlJQuery jq = (HtmlJQuery)application.createComponent(HtmlJQuery.COMPONENT_TYPE);


      The problem is that the target is one item of a selectManyCheckbox


      I can´t find how to set individual IDs for each item, since SelectItem does not have such a method. Instead, it seems to always generate an ID like







      if I set target = "id:2", it generates a javascript like


      function xxx(elm, param) {
           var selector = "#form\\:id:2";
           try {
                selector = eval("#form\\:id:2");
           } catch (e) {}
           jQuery(elm || selector).attr( 'disabled' , 'disabled'  );


      but it obviously does not work, because jquery would understand


                selector = eval("#form\\:id\\:2");

      and if I set target="id\\\\:2"

      it generates

                selector = eval("#form\\:id\\\\:2");

      and if I set target="id\\:2"

      it raises


      ps. notice that if I manually insert the following javascript in the page with
                selector = eval("#form\\:id\\:2");

      the script just works.

      Any ideas?


      Leo K.