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    Disabling parent's Richfaces Hotkey when ModalPanel is open

    K Thapa Newbie

      Hello All,

      How do I disable rich faces hotkey registered to the parent page whenever a modal panel is open?

      Here are few options I am exploring. I am hoping someone who has done this before can suggest how they acheived it.

      1. I am looking at utlizing hotkeys disableInput attribute but is there a way to know if the modalpanel is open or not ( something in the event object?)?


      2. Alternately, I am exploring options to disable hotkey by doing something like onclick ="${rich:component('saveKey')}.disable(); return false;  in the button that opens the modalpanel and reactivate during modal closing. Has anyone used this approach?


      3.The easiest would be to use selector attribute if it is an option. Has anyone taken this approach?