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      Actually i am using eclipse .. There are two project in this .. one is MyFrostEJB which is EJB project and one is MYFrostWeb ... i am using the classes from MyFrostEJB in the MYFrostWeb..For this i am setting the classpath ..In eclipse if u right click any project u will get the BUildPath option using that i am pointing to MyFrostEJB.. Earlier it was working..

      I tried directly putting  MYFrostEJB.jar in the classpath it worked somewhat but when i am adding some new classes or some new methods to already exsisting methods it is not working..

      Please Help me out..

      Swaroop p</p>

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          Wolfgang Knauf Master



          I assume you use the Eclipse Web Tools Platform plugin (bundled in the download "Eclipse for JavaEE developers")?


          If yes: it seems they made major changes in Eclipse 3.6, because previously it worked different ;-).

          The build path should look like this:


          If this one part is missing: open the file "WebContent\META-INF\Manifest.mf" and add this line:


          Manifest-Version: 1.0
          Class-Path: MYFrostEJB.jar


          Hope this helps