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    Issue with failover

    srinivaas venkat Novice



      I've an issue with failover where when the live node is killed or shut down the backup server does not get activated.


      Version: Hornetq 2.1.2 Final and JBoss 5.1.0


      I've configured a live-back up pair of queue nodes. Performed the below steps


           1. Started backup and then the live server both in the same machine (i.e. localhost).

           2. Sent few messages to live and all the messages went to the live as expected

           3. Killed the live node (not using ctrl-c but by terminating the process from task bar). Also I have configured the failover-on-sver-shutdown to true.

           4. Backup node does not get activated and not able to send any further messages.


      Attached the relevant xml files for both the nodes, I ran the transactional-failover examples from distro and it worked fine. Copied the xmls from the distro examples into my live and backup node of jboss and the same did not work.


      Also if i start the live node first then I get the message that backup should be started first and that conforms that the live and backup are talking to each other. Also copied the data folder from live to backup to ensure they are in sync. Not sure where I'm wrong. Pls help!