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    Getting stale values from cache

    amogh2 Newbie



      I am new to using Infinispan and working towards getting everything setup and configured correctly. I have run into an issue where I keep getting stale values from the cache even after updating an entry.


      I am using the DefaultCacheManager and write-through with the FileCacheStore as explained here: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/Write-ThroughAndWrite-BehindCaching#comment-3229


      While putting the entry in the cache I give the TTL as -1 and TTI as 0. After updating the entry with a new value and same key and reading it again I  get the old value instead of the new one.

      I tried stepping through the code using debugger and it looks like the correct value is written to the file on the disk. However while reading the value it picks up the old value.


      I might be missing something obvious.


      Any pointers would be appreciated.