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    Consuming out of order messages when recovering from crash

    Leo Franca Newbie

      Hi fellows, we are starting using HQ and were caugth with the following situation :



      1 - I start a single consumer and it creates a durable subscription on a destination X;

      2 - I simulate an abrupted shutdown - without closing client resources;

      3 - While I wait the connection-ttl-override to get ellapsed ( so that I can make a new subscription with the same ClientID ), I carry on producing messages to the destination X;

      4 - When connection-ttl-override milliseconds are ellapsed and I can subscribe X again, I receive all the messages that were sent when the consumer was down, what was expected from a durable subscription - but the sequence gets broken, that is, messages are consumed out of order;


      Does abybody know it its a miss configuration or some kind of issue ?



      Thanks in advance,