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    my problem about list shuttle

    yeşim çıkrıkcı Newbie

      hi i am a beginner and trying to learn rich faces.


      so todat i tried to make a list shuttle and i keep seeing this error :


      javax.servlet.ServletException: Cannot convert [Ljava.lang.Object;@bc36ff of type class [Ljava.lang.Object; to interface java.util.List


      so there is my class:


      public class Reservation {

      private List<String> desiredThings = new ArrayList<String>();

      .. getters setters ...



      there is my bean :



      public class ReservationBean {

      private Reservation reservation = new Reservation();

      private List <Reservation> reservation = new ArrayList<Reservation>();

      private List <String> things =new ArrayList<String>();


      public void addThing()


      things.add("Air Conditioner");



      // getters setters




      and finally my xhtml file :



      What you want in your room? :

      <rich:listShuttle var="thing" sourceValue="#{reservationBean.things}" targetValue="#{reservationBean.reservation.desiredThings}" >


      <f:facet name="header">Things</f:facet>






      What i have to do ? can you please help me with this ? Thanks ..