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    Possible bug in the event notifications {CacheStarted, CacheStopped, ViewChanged}

    Thomas Fuller Newbie

      I am currently working on adding some functionality to the Grails Infinispan Plugin, which relies on Infinispan-4.1.0.FINAL (Radegast). This particular functionality is expressed as a mixin and will allow the developer to use a closure to receive event notifications from the cache -- for example:


      agentCache.onCacheEntryLoaded {
              log.info ("=====> Cache entry loaded: $it")


      I have a basic unit test for each of the events detailed in the Listener documentation here:




      however the following three annotations are not being registered (whereas all the others are):


      import org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener.annotation.CacheStarted
      import org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener.annotation.CacheStopped
      import org.infinispan.notifications.cachemanagerlistener.annotation.ViewChanged


      Instead I'm receiving a message like the following when my test application starts:


      cachelistener.CacheNotifierImpl Attempted to register listener of class class com.coherentlogic.grails.infinispan.listeners.CacheStoppedListener, but no valid,public methods annotated with method-level event annotations found! Ignoring listener.


      and likewise my unit tests are also failing.


      Here's an example of one of the listener implementations which works:


      class CacheEntryCreatedListener {

          private def closure
          public void cacheEntryCreated (cacheEntryCreatedEvent) {
              closure?.call (cacheEntryCreatedEvent)


      Here's an example of one of the listener implementations which does not work:


      class CacheStoppedListener {

          private def closure
          public void cacheStopped (cacheStoppedEvent) {
              closure?.call (cacheStoppedEvent)


      Does anyone have any thoughts on what I might be missing? Or perhaps this is a defect?


      Thanks in advance for your help,