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    Extend jboss deployed war classpath to do a Glassfish EJB lookup

    Ignacio de Cordoba Novice


      in a distributed app I need to jndi lookup a SSB running in a Glassfish V3.0.1 server from a Jboss 5 server. Glassfish doesn't have something as nice as jbossall-client.jar because the equivalent jar file, gf-client.jar, depends on lots of other jars... I cannot just add gf-client.jar to /web-inf/lib dir in my jboss war as the dependent files will not be found.

      I've tried running jboss with -C classpath extension, but it won't run... I guess I need to include that gf-client.jar in the classpath of my war file but not by packing it in the war file.

      Any ideas on how to solve this problem? (something like specifying an extra jar for the war file classpath at deployment time. I can do that in Glassfish but don't know how to do it in JBoss)


      Thanks for any help,