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    Issues with org.hornetq.api.core.Interceptor to intercept the Topic subscription

    chandras sekhar Newbie


          I have observed few issues with org.hornetq.api.core.Interceptor to intercept the Topic subscriptions.

      I am trying to monitor the new connections to the topic.

      If I intercept the packet for ‘SessionCreateConsumerMessage’ object, getFilterString to get the Message selector data is always null.

      And getQueueName() doesn’t return topic name properly.


      I think this is a bug.

      Sample is:



      public class SimpleInterceptor implements Interceptor



         public boolean intercept(final Packet packet, final RemotingConnection connection) throws HornetQException




            if(packet instanceof SessionCreateConsumerMessage)


                   SessionCreateConsumerMessage consumerCreateMessage = (SessionCreateConsumerMessage)packet;

                   System.out.println("-----"+conMessage.getFilterString());----This is always null.

                             System.out.println("-----"+conMessage.getQueueName());      }



            return true;




      It returns the Queue name e4f6557a-8893-4c65-b5b3-1233566559d0



      I have attached the samples.