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    pickList error

    Shervin Asgari Master

      I am trying to use the pickList but I get the following error in Firebug.


      The code I am trying is the simplest form. When it is rendered the error message in firebug appears, and the pickList is rendered, but I cannot use it. It doesnt copy anything and I cannot choose anything either.



                  <f:selectItem itemLabel="Option 1" itemValue="1"/>
                  <f:selectItem itemLabel="Option 2" itemValue="2"/>
                  <f:selectItem itemLabel="Option 3" itemValue="3"/>
                  <f:selectItem itemLabel="Option 4" itemValue="4"/>
                  <f:selectItem itemLabel="Option 5" itemValue="5"/>

      this.focusKeeper.observe is not a function