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    How to validate date in calendar?

    Ziyang Zhang Newbie

      I did some research and the outcome is "The date correction is done based on the pattern date you use and it's done on the client."

      Now, if I input some random stuff like "dfasdf" into the calendar input, a message will be print out in server console "sourceId=registerForm:j_id17[severity=(ERROR 2), summary=(registerForm:j_id17: '
      fasdf' could not be understood as a date.), detail=(registerForm:j_id17: 'fasdf'
      could not be understood as a date. Example: 10/25/10)]"


      How could I know the input is not correct? I want to know if the input is correct from some mechanism and then do something to tell the users they are wrong.(For example, set the bg color of the input into red)


      Thank you very much.