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    Embedded hornetq cluster?

    Keith Irwin Newbie



      Is it possible to create a cluster with the embedded version of HornetQ? (I'm not talking about an InVM transport or anything.)


      The reason I ask is because I want to create a hornetq cluster (or two) on Amazon EC2. EC2 doesn't support multicast, so I'd like to wrap hornetq in a tiny framework which lets me acquire the information I need (say, read IP addresses of other instances on a shared file system), and programmatically create a cluster.


      Mainly, I'd like to know if all the proper POJO methods are exposed.


      An alternative is that I could write an app that "supervises" a running HornetQ instance, acquires the information I need that would otherwise be provided via multicast, and then rewrite the hornetq config file and bounce the instance.


      Anyway, embedded feels much cleaner for this sort of thing.


      All that said, I'd love to see action on:




      But I bet that's a long time coming.