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    HornetQ REST Interface Beta-2 released

    Bill Burke Master

      A user requested Selector support.


      Follow the links and doco from:




      To download, etc...

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          Harold Hannon Newbie

          this is awesome-sauce.  I have been playing with this interface for a few days now.  One question I had was about the deployment of the rest interface in an existing hornetq deployment (not bootstrapping one inside the war).  I have a jboss6 instance with hornetq and some queues defined and it looks to me like when I add the rest war into that environment that the war uses the RestMessagingBootstrapListener to set up a brand new manager for queues and topics that is seperate from the existing hornetq deployment that was already there.  i.e. when the queuemanager is asked for a list of queues none of the existing ones defined on the hornetq instance in jboss6 are listed.  I can remote debug and inspect that manager and confirm that it is an empty arraylist of queues being returned.  That makes sense to me when I look at QueueServiceManager and it creates a new ArrayList in its default constructor.  Is this the intended behavior?  Am I to assume that the rest interface is an island unto itself and has its own queues and topics?, or have a been an oblivious consumer and missed some spot where I tell it where the configs are for the existing hornetq installation?  I also considered that this is a beta release and that is just a linkage that is not in place yet.  Either way great stuff  thanks for the beta releases.

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            Bill Burke Master

            HornetQ REST is not an island and can be used with an existing deployment (Well it is intended to be, maybe you've run ito a bug).


            You do not see anything in QueueServiceManager because it is populated on-demand.  Just do a REST call to /queues/{queue-name} and it will use a local ConnectionFactory to find the queue.


            Maybe you are just not referencing it correctly within the URL?  If you have a hornetq-jms.xml file that defines a queue:


            <queue name="orders">

                    <entry name="/queues/orders"/>



            It would be referenced as "/queues/jms.queue.orders"


            Please let me know if you have any problems.

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              Harold Hannon Newbie

              Doh!!! yep oblivious consumer here.  I wasn't adding the "jms.queue.".  Awesome, that works.  Thanks!