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    HornetQ Durable Subscription Reliability

    Rob Dey Newbie

      I have a cluster of 3 servers. Two of which are subscribed to a topic with durable subscriptions.  I am publishing messages on the third. I have tried this with both MDB's and a subscriber running in the JBoss AS.


      When submitting messages to the Topic I see the messages being consumed by the consumers on both consuming servers. If I stop JBoss on the consuming servers and continue to submit messages to the Topic on the third publishing server I would expect that once the service is restored on the consuming two servers then all messages not received will be received.


      The behaviour I am seeing is that when the consumers come back up there are inconsistent results as to the number of outstanding messages that are received by the consumers. Sometimes all messages are received by the two consumers (on the different servers), sometime all are received by one consumer and other times there are a variable number recieved.


      Has anyone else exeprienced this and been able to overcome it?

      Does anyone have any pointers as to what to look for in my configuration?