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    Width/Height in extendedDataTable in RichFaces

    Ziyang Zhang Newbie

      I use RichFaces in my application.  I want to use extendedDataTable.
      Why the width and height can not adjust on their own according to the columns and rows?

      If I don't assign value to height, it is assigned to default values. If I  don't assign value to width, it spread the whole screen...

      Is there any way to make the rows fit in the table by it self?

      If I hide some columns, there will be empty space on the right, how to get rid of it?



      For height, I can work around to get how many rows I have, so that I can calculate the height and then set the height of extendedDataTable. In this way there is no empty space in height, and no scroll bar. The drawback is some times I can not get the exact height of each row. If there is a lot of content in one filed, the row height may become bigger.


      For width, I can just set width of each column, and the sum will be the width of the extendeddatatable, so there is no empty space in width. The drawback is if I set the width in one column, but if the content is long, it may be displayed incomplete, which is extremely dangerous.


      Thank you very very much.