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    Adding the darkX skin to seam

    Bouanani Meher Newbie

      I'm juste a beginer wtih seam and i'm asking how can i add the darkX skin in my seam application , i tried to modify the web.xml file in my application like this


      but i had this error
      7:15:25,906 WARN [ExceptionFilter] exception root cause
      org.richfaces.skin.SkinNotFoundException: Skin with name darkX not found
       at org.richfaces.skin.SkinFactoryImpl.loadProperties(SkinFactoryImpl.java:366)
       at org.richfaces.skin.SkinFactoryImpl.buildSkin(SkinFactoryImpl.java:300)
       at org.richfaces.skin.SkinFactoryImpl.getSkinByName(SkinFactoryImpl.java:126) .........