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    Issue with rich:tabPanel

    Sirish Vadala Newbie

      Hello all:

      I have an issue with tabPanel and could not resolve it. Some users are born with an innate aversion towards using mouse and they prefer to work on the application by using only keyboard.

      My page consists of three tabs, with multiple tabs nested in each of them. I am using 'Ajax' type tab switch. Thanks to Richfaces! Everything works well with incredible performance.

      Now the problem being, I am not able to capture or focus on the tab labels by pressing 'Tab' key on the keyboard. During the process('Tab' key press on keyboard), it focuses one by one on all the header links above the tabbed panel, and then directly jumps to focus on the active tab content.

      Is there a solution to fix this issue, I have tried setting action attribute to the rich:tab, but that didn't help solve the problem. Any help on resolving this issue is highly appreciated.