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    Filtering and keyup problems in RichFaces4 M3

    Mette Hummel Newbie

      I'm using RichFaces4 Milestone 3. I have an extendedDataTable and I'm trying to add filter functionality according to the examples in the showcase. It works as expected with the blur event. When I change to use the keyup event the filtering still works, but after every keypress I need to navigate back to the filter field. It seems to loose track of which field the cursor was in. Why?


                              <rich:column width= "80px" label= "Feltnr."



                                      <f:facet name= "header">

                                              <h:outputText value= "Feltnr."

                                              <h:inputText onmousedown="event.stopPropagation()"


                                                      <a4j:ajax event= "keyup" render= "tabell" execute= "@this" />



                                      <h:inputText id="bronnoysundkodeFeltnr" value="#{brkoVar.feltnr}"size="3" />