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    Web service deployment order issue

    Binu S Newbie

      We recently migrated from Axis 1.4  to Jbossws CXF. We have an EAR file that contains a JAR (ejb's) and WAR . The WAR file's web.xml specifies the web service endpoints.

      The deployment order used to be (with Axis) - ejb's are deployed first, followed by web services.


      With CXF, the WAR file is deployed after JAR (ejb's) as expected. But the CXF webservices get published before the ejb deployment is complete (before EJB's are bound to jndi names). This creates problems for the application.


      The expected behaviour is -  All EJB's should deploy first, and then web services should be published (webservice endpoints are specified in the web.xml of the WAR file).


      Is there a configuration change to make this possible?