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    Accessing Teiid Server from a remote Designer

    vincent Planat Newbie



      I'm facing a connection pb when I try to access my Teiid Server from a remote Designer.

      I create my connection with mm://IP@:31443 admin/admin and use the "Test" button.

      I get the error message "Unable to connect to the specific Teiid Server ....."

      I checked on the server side

      - could get traffic arriving on port 31443 (tshark -R "tcp.port=31443" -i any). But just a TCP request/response (when I do it on localhost I get a bunch of socket messages both ways)

      - No log in server.log

      The error message says that my server is perhaps offline, but could not find any doc in the Teiid-admin guide about "offline" mode. ....


      A bit lost ..

      Could somebody help me ?