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    List of References?

    Mark Mattern Newbie


      in my company we are thinking of implementing Infinispan in our projects.

      In order to convince our customers I am looking for issues I can use to argue for Infinispan.  It's mostly about proving that infinispan is sophisticated enough for use.


      That's why I'd like to have a list of references of Infinispan? I am thinking of a list of companies/projects that are using Infinispan in production. Does anything like this exist or how can I find out how Infinispan is already used?



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          Sanne Grinovero Master

          Hi Mark,

          I have no products in real production yet, but we're preparing many deployments - some final touches being applied, but Infinispan is currently solid enough for our goals, and we're very satisfied. As a power-user I became a contributor tough, so now my comments could be considered biased but really I became a contributor because we use it a lot.

          Here is a reference to the product Sourcesense (my employer) is reselling right now, as Atlassian partners; it's very heavily using Infinispan as the screencast shows: http://www.sourcesense.com/en/events/scarlet.html

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            Nejc Tomazic Newbie



            it is ~2 and a half years since your answer to Mark and I'm at the same position as he was back than. I have the same answer, where can I find list of references for Infinispan?


            This is important matter convincig dose above as for technologies to be used in future projects.


            I have read a lot about distributed cache solutions this days and I really like Infinispan, so please give me some references please.


            Best Regards, Nejc