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    Stomp default message priority 0 instead of 4

    Michael Justin Novice

      In tests of two message brokers (OpenMQ and HornetQ) I found a small difference in the Stomp transport implementations


      * when a Stomp frame is sent to HornetQ which does not have a priority header line, the message receiver will see priority 0 (=lowest)


      * with Open Message Queue (OpenMQ), the message receiver will see priority = 4


      Maybe the OpenMQ behavior can be explained with the JMS spec which says that the default priority for message producers is 4: http://download.oracle.com/javaee/1.4/api/javax/jms/Message.html


      Should the HornetQ Stomp acceptor also 'promote' frames which have no priority set to priority 4?


      If not, I would modify my Stomp clients to add the priority header onyl if the value does not equal 0.