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    Richfaces graphics cannot be loaded, JBoss 5.1

    Mister Face Newbie


      I'm developing a richfaces webapp, which gets deployed on a server, say https://host.com/MyApp.

      Everything works fine, when I access the app with this URL from my browser.


      Now there is an authorization portal, which handles user logins for many web applications and directs to them within it's own URL:

      https://anotherhost.com/somecontext.com/MyApp is registered there to direct to https://host.com/MyApp


      The effect/problem is, that richfaces graphics and scripts cannot be loaded any more. is this because they link in JSP to /MyApp/... which leads to the use of the wrong URL: https://anotherhost.com/MyApp/... ????



      I tried to configure the context-root to /somecontext.com/MyApp but it did not work.



      any ideas?