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    jaxr issue in JBoss AS-5

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      I am using Liferay5.2.3 bundled in JBoss AS-5.One of the portlet i am developing needs to serach a Systinet Registry and get the service endpoint. I am using 2 jaxr jars namely, jaxr-api-1.0.jar and jaxr-impl.jar. When i am executing my code to access the registry as a standalone class with these 2 jars in path, it works perfectly fine. But when the same code & jars when deployed as a portlet is not working as expected. The issue starts with:

      BulkResponse response = bqm.findOrganizations(qualifiers,namePatterns,null, null, null, null);

      This method is expected to return just one result matching the namePattern, instead its returning all the organizations in the registry.(wrks fine in standalone code). So i doubt there is a jar in JBoss which is causing this issue. I deleted the scout.jar from AS lib, but still same issue exists. Any suggestions?

      Thanks in advance