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    How to change width (default style) of demo portal

    Michael Woytowitz Newbie



      Forgive me if this is a very niave question.


      I am new to GateIn and new to JSF and portlets. I do have a lot of experience with website design, tomcat, java servlets, javascript, jQuery etc...


      I think the GateIn product would suit our needs for a project I'm working on... But the default look of the demo portal (GateIn-3.1.0-FINAL-tomcat download) has big grey empty space of both sides and bottom of the main window.


      I want the window to fill the entire web browser (which I have maxamized to full screen)....


      I can't find any css files... I tried to edit the page settings through the portal root login, but I don't see a setting for width, height.


      How you I change the style (or settings) of the demo portal so the main container window are 100% width and height?   Baby-step instructions would be appreciated.


      thank you in advance