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    Stress testing and benchmarking

    Pedro Ribeiro Newbie



      I'm planning to do some stress tests on infinspan using multiple machines (virtual machines)


      I want to share several objects +/- (6000) using distribution mode.

      The puts should be atomic (because the objects are hierarchically related). Therefore I will use transactions with isolation read-Committed.

      The number of gets will be the maximum i can get, but the puts will occur periodically (every x seconds/minutes). I will use batching for updates.


      I want to test different infinispan configurations that fits this scenario, and publish the graphs with the number of gets per node.

      The nods will be added and removed at runtime. I also want to simulate packet loss on some nodes, change the number/time of puts as well as the number of shared objects.


      I need some suggestions to build the configurations that best fits to this scenario, so i can compare them!


      I will use the method described here to test.


      Suggestions are accepted!


      Many Thanks