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    Cluster Two machines in different Network using UDP protocol




      I am trying to configure my Jboss in cluster aplication  environment  I have deployed application in different machine with UDP protocol and it is started properly. But both not identified each other. I have verified jmx console.


      Machine are different network:my ip address for each mahine: and


      Is this problem in UDP port or not possible to use UDP when machine's are not in same network?


      Please help me.


      Note: I tried enabling TCP, that time both nodes identified and formed cluster.




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          Are you sure that you have the same multicast-address/port and cluster-partition name for both installations configured.

          A problem might that a switch or other network-component drop the multicast packages!


          A simple test can be to use two original JBoss on both systems started with run.sh -b<the IP> -c all.

          In this case they should bild a cluster (see number of members within the logfile)


          A good starting point will be


          Here you will also find a simple test tool to check that JGroups communication will work.