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    Storing combo box data in cache = possible ???

    Hans Kristanto Newbie


      I have a tab panel with 2 <rich:tab> inside (Just call the first <rich:tab> is panel A and <rich:tab> 2 is panel B). I have a combo box inside 'panel A' that contain list of data fetched from database. it works fine until i click to <rich:tab> 'panel B', then ONCE i click again 'panel A', the data inside combo box is reloaded. So that, there are times needed to wait until the fetching process has done, whereas the actual data has been loaded in the first time. is there any way to store combo box data in cache, so if i'm in 'panel B' then i click 'panel A', the data will not be reloaded, but only refreshing from cache... i really need your answer, please.. need your reply T_T