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    HornetQ with dynamic IP

    Owl Eye Newbie

      Is there a good HornetQ documentation concerning dynamic IP usage (i.e. an IP changed by ISP reconnection) and reattachment of client to server and a sensing of "client keep-alive packets" by the server, e.g. to sense this IP change on server-side as soon as the client automatically reattached?


      I have a server with a static IP address, but my clients may get a new IP by their internet service providers every 24h. I would like to be sure that messages in the queue (even the ones added while the client just got disconnected and is about to get the new IP) can be transported to the new address.


      Is it possible to use the same queue or do I have to create a new queue filling it up with yet non-acknowledged messages?

      Solutions for JMS or core are all appreciated. If I shall provide more details, please tell me.



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          Clebert Suconic Master

          The clients are not doing any socket-accept... so there's no issue on the client changing the IP.


          The client will create the socket and the server will hold the connection... But you will never have an opposite direction from the server looking up for the client via accept.

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            Owl Eye Newbie

            OK, I see.

            However, I have to describe some more details:


            I have  a queue from client to server which I understand being able to automatically reconnect/-attach back to the static server IP on failover (=obligatory ISP reconnect).

            Another queue in the opposite direction also communicates messages, but this one seems to be tricky after reconnect, i.e. after the client/recipient got the new IP. This new IP may be unknown on server-side, unless it could be sensed through the other reattached queue...

            (I mean I need to tell the new IP to the ConnectionFactory to connect back...)


            ...or I missunderstood the concept of HornetQ... Is it possible to use message Transport between client and server and vise-versa with one single queue?



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              Clebert Suconic Master

              The connection is always opened by the client:


              The client will open a connection/socket... and the server will use the pipe created by the client to send notifications.


              On the case of a temporary queue, the queue will exist as long as the connection exists. Once you close the connection, the tmp destination will be gone.

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                vinay a Newbie



                I am trying to implement direct browser communication with hornetq (without using any stomp protocol) ..please let me know how to connect through web-socket from client to the Hornetq (running as standalone server) Currently, i am not able to connect to Hornetq server..I need to know if u had done some specific configuration for this..?




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                  Owl Eye Newbie

                  Your question doesn't concern this thread! Why don't you open your own thread instead of capturing others?

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                    vinay a Newbie

                    Yeah, absolutely!

                    But the problem is, nobody has replied/answered to the discussion i had opened under thread below:-




                    Hence, I was looking for some solution from you, as you seemed to have worked on Hornetq-web sockets.. Please reply to the discussion I opened as above, in case you have worked on it..