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    Strange behaviour between 2 JBoss ESB Servers

    Maria K. Newbie

      Hello all,


      recently I observed the following situation in the JBoss ESB Server (version 4.2.3), installed in two different locations:

      In each server two BPEL processes were installed, each in a separate composite Application. These BPEL processes use a WSDL file, which has the same namespaces but different declared methods in each case.

      In the first server, each BPEL runs successfully. In the other server however, the two composite Applcations are not deployed: the WSDL discrepancy is recorded by the JBoss ESB Server thus resulting in error during deployment.

      I understand that the second JBoss ESB Server acts as expected and the WSDL file, since it is only one, should be the same in both BPEL processes.

      Does anyone have any idea, why the first server does not produce error during deployment?


      Thanks in advance,