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    any deployable unit except ear for this situation?

    null null Novice

      Is there a way to deploy some jars(services) some wars(webapps) all in one file without using an ear?  Ideally, this would be an OSGi bundle I think with multiple jars and wars in it.


      ie. Kind of want a flat file of just jars and wars BUT want the normal non-ear classloading and when OSGi is more solid in jboss, definitely want the OSGi classloading.   In fact, it would be even better if I could make every jar and war an OSGi bundle and then just have a package deliver like a plain zip file with all my OSGi bundles.  Does something like this exist?


      ie. I really want it to be like I put 3 jars and 2 wars in the deploy directory EXCEPT I want to be just transferring ONE file to jboss not 5 on each deployment.