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    JON server can't deploy plugin

    Paul Zemancheff Newbie

      Hi all,

                We are having a problem with JON server installation. The server is logging errors about deploying the plugin jopr-hibernate-plugin-2.3.0.GA.jar.

      We see this message in the server log:


      [ProductPluginDeployer] File [C:\Program%20Files\jon-server-2.3.0.GA\jbossas\server\default\deploy\rhq.ear\rhq-downloads\rhq-plugins\jopr-hibernate-plugin-2.3.0.GA.jar] is not a valid jarfile - the file may not have been fully written yet. Cause: java.io.FileNotFoundException: C:\Program%20Files\jon-server-2.3.0.GA\jbossas\server\default\deploy\rhq.ear\rhq-downloads\rhq-plugins\jopr-hibernate-plugin-2.3.0.GA (The system cannot find the path specified)


      The jar file is in the rhq-plugins folder, I can search for it using windows search and it finds the file in the corrrect folder. Not sure what is causing this strange behaviour. Anybody got so clues as to how I might fix this problem.



      bye................. Paul