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    JBoss 5.1, web profile, shutdown.sh fails.  Attempting to resolve.

    John Baker Newbie



      I'm attempting to find a neat solution to the lack of a shutdown facility in the JBoss 5.1 web profile, which I understand is due to a lack of the JNDI Binding Manager.


      I'd like to use JMX but this fails:


      /opt/jboss/jboss-5.1.0.GA/bin/twiddle.sh  -s mydevserver:4000 invoke 'jboss.system:type=Server' shutdown


      Where port 4000 is HTTP.  I can perform queries which work correctly:


      /opt/jboss/jboss-5.1.0.GA/bin/twiddle.sh  -s mydevserver:4000 get 'jboss.system:type=Server' BuildOS


      If I invoke shutdown through the JMX Console, JBoss does shutdown.


      Can anyone advise?