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    Core bridge

    Lennart Petersson Novice

      2 HornetQ servers, A with source queue and B with destination queue. Isn't it possible to trigger the bridge from the destination server, meaning that server B regularly fetches messages from server A!?


      The JBoss Messaging kind of bridge was possible to deploy on the server B.


      Tried with HornetQ JMS Bridge but having some strange problem with it not transferring the messages, it does it only during first startup of the bridge if there are messages in the source queue.


      But HornetQ JMS Bridge is mainly for connecting HornetQ severs with whatever JMS 1.1 compliant JMS servers, and the Core Bridge is for connection 2 HornetQ servers - so I would prefer a Core bridge...



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          Clebert Suconic Master

          This is about the Core Bridge.



          There are 2 bridges on HornetQ. One JMS Bridge (which has the same semantics as JBoss Messaging.. it's the same code actually.. just a newer version).


          And a core bridge that will only use the core api, which is meant for Hornetq <-> HornetQ communication.



          The text about the pull queue versus push queue is about the core queue only. There's a JIRA with a feature request to implement it in a near future.

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            Lennart Petersson Novice

            Ah great! Thanks Clebert - looking forward to see that JIRA implemented!! I will stick with the JMS Bridge until then.