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    rich:tree - reload performance problems

    Harald Höhn Newbie



      I have a rich:tree implementation for a status tree with a lot of elements (>50000 Nodes). The status tree must be reloaded every 60 seconds after the previous reload has finished. The tree have different rights, so users with different rights will see differrent content. If one user need a faster refresh he can press a refresh button to reload immediatly. This works very fast for a view nodes. but with >50000 nodes the reload take a long time, but the tree generation in the backing bean need only 1 second. The ajax events are very slow and if the user press the reload button serveral time the server will be a 100% processor load and the hole web apllication must be restarted.


      Can anybody help me for fixing this reload problem? It seems that ajax opens a lot of connections and hang in the RichtableTreeRenderer while putting data in a hashmap. A lot of started threads tries to put data in a hashmap and it seems that if the user press the reload button several times the threads will be increase the "Hashmap put" operations and the application server can't do anything else and hang. Did anyone note ajax synchronisation problem therefore?


      I hope you can help me.