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    What is rerendered/processed on reRender=

    Marcel Gleis Newbie

      Hi developers,

      we are developing a quite big application. It is similar to "shopping card" application. There are categories and products on the left side of the browser window and a cart on the right side. When users click on a category the products in the middle should be updated. Users can add/remove products to the cart on the right. The user can manipulate the cart by changing the number of selected items, delivery options, etc.

      The whole page is done with richfaces+a4j+facelets and consists of 3 regions that are updated with reRender-attribute after some kind of actions.

      My problem is the following:
      When the user changes the cart ("I would like to have 2 items"), then the whole cart is rerendered (reRender="cart"). Looking in my log file I see some debug outputs of my other "application parts" "category browser" (left) and "product viewer" (mid).

      Does this mean that when a a4j-request is sent that the whole component tree is processed again?