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    bundles for instance management - what's your mileage?

    August Simonelli Newbie

      Hi all,


      I'm playing with and LOVING bundles. I can see a million good uses and am curious how people's experiences around using a bundle to deploy an entire jboss instance. Do you use it just for the main configs (like setting JBM defaults, security stuff etc etc)? Do you bundle wars/ears with, say datasources for app deployments? Or keep bundles for configs only and use the rest of RHQ for wars/ears/ds's etc? I know there is no "right" way, i'm just curious what's being done out there.


      Right now i have built an RPM for instances and used the spec file to config it ... I've also built a bunch of ant scripts to manage our tomcats and apaches from dev to production (which feels a lot like bundles but much less pretty). So i'm curious about all variations.


      So, basically, wacha all doing with bundles?! Where are your demarcation lines?