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    bpel version

    Cesar William Newbie


      how can I change the bpel version? I check in the DB (BPEL_PROCESS table) and I saw that the my bpel version is "0". Can I change the version in the .bpel file?

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          Jeff Yu Master

          Actually, a better way to do the versioning is on the deployment phase.


          say you have an bpel artifact, hello_world.jar that contains bpel process files etc. With renaming this jar into hello_world-1.jar into the JBoss AS's deploy folder, it will recognise this artifact version as '1'. Now, if you want to update the version, you could simply name it hello_world-$version.jar.


          Also, say if you deployed the same name artifact, the previous version of that artifact will become 'retired'.


          I think this is the recommend way to do bpel/process versioning.