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    Imlementing local interface and another interface in session bean

    Arbi Sookazian Master

      Please consider the following scenario:



      public class FooServiceBean implements FooService, BarService {


         public void myMethod1() {

              //code here





      public interface FooService {




      public interface BarService {

          public void myMethod1();




      If we invoke myMethod1(), will the method run outside of a tx or not?  i.e. is the instance managed by the EJB container or not?  I'm seeing behavior that suggests otherwise in my current JBoss 4.2.x app.  It is actually running in a tx (in this case a distributed tx b/c there are multiple datasources that are being queried via multiple DAOs).  In effect, the NOT_SUPPORTED tx attribute is being ignored.  Please advise.  thx.