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    Remove basic authentication

    Robert Stuart Newbie

      Using JBoss Dev Studio.

      After successfully setting up and running http_gateway quickstart example, I am attempting to apply in different project.

      Using browser, I cannot seem to find the correct URL to get the desired from my deployment.  I can see in the JBoss console and in the server deploy directory that project deployed successfully.  Browser message returns "not authorized".


      How can Authorization be removed?

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          Robert Stuart Newbie

          Doh!  I found the issue to be that the provider had some methods marked as "protected-methods".  In Jboss dev studio viewing jboss-esb.xml file in Tree view, I assumed that checking the box next to the method marked it for use.  Instead I see it marking authorization requirements.


          After removing protection from provider methods and global war security, the deployment responds as expected.