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    kept on getting 404s, not a war

    John Franey Novice

      I've read the faq: http://community.jboss.org/wiki/WhydoIgetIllegalStateExceptionKeptongetting404s


      But I am testing an ejb app, there is no war.  So the two conditions described by the faq do not apply.


      Alpha4 inuse.

      jboss 5.1 remote is the container.


      The jboss log levels are at factory settings, nothing out of ordinary is appearing.


      Another datapoint: I successfully run these same tests with arquillian alpha4 and jboss 5.1 on my development machine w/ eclipse and from command line w/ maven 3.0.  I am setting up a ci test machine and I get these failure there using command line, maven 3.0.