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    how can i hot deploy the jars


      I am  deploying my application as war. As a part from the application there are set of jars which will be always changing.What i want to do is deploy these modified jars without pulling down the server. Also we dont want to touch the other classes which are already loaded. Only the modified classes should be reloaded.

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          the hotdeploy feature is only available for the deploy directory.

          Archives in /lib or /server/.../lib are not hot deployed.


          If you want to hot deploy jars you must it pack into the WAR/EAR file

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            Thanks  for the reply.

            Thats fine placing the jar file in the WAR, but unless i re save the web.xml it not picking up the modified classes. Even re saving of the web.xml would be fine if it re loads only the modified classes only, but i tried that its not happening though.

            To hot deploy the clases i am following the steps

            1. copy/replace the jar file in the lib dir of the expanded war.

            2. save web.xml without any changes

            3. This re loads the all the classes for that war.

            as mentioned in the #3 it reloads the all the classes, thats what i dont want. The ultimate goal is to only load the updated classes only.

            Is it possible to do so?

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              for hotdeploy the application is undeployed (and all depend on this also).

              Than it will be deployed.


              This mean the complete application is re-started with all classes.

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                hmm, thats what i did not want. Thats fine at least its confirmed that there is no way to load only the updated the classes, you will have to reload all the classes in that war. I can work on the other work around now.

                Thanks a lot for the help.