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    Tomcat on ec2

    Joseph fawzy Newbie

      Hello all

      i am a newbie to mod_cluster, so please excuse me if i have some trivial questions


      i have a setup on amazon ec2 , using tomcat on ubuntu linux

      i think mod_cluster is a perfect solution in my case but i really need some advice to clarify some concerns


      i watched the webinar on vimeo

      i read all the documentation so i have a basic understanding of how things work


      BUT i have some questions


      First:About using tomcat

      if i continue to use plain tomcat,

      do i have to deal with session replication myself?

      do you recommend any session replication solution?

      i 've used memcacheSessionManager with sticky session and it works, but it does not scale well,so please i need a hand in this area


      as i understood , session replication is only provided in the all profile of JBOSS AS, not even in JBossWeb

      so to get out of the box solution, i have to use a complete JEE server

      is that true?


      Second:on EC2

      no multicast,no advertise

      so how to setup GossipRouter?

      What exactly is its role?


      can i have any configuration in which no hard wiring ip numbers in my config in both sides(httpd and application server)

      i knew from the webinar that a solution using amazon S3 is there

      where can i find it? and how it can be configured?

      is it production ready or just a proof of concept


      is dynamic discovery pluggable? i.e. is there an interface to implement to publish the ip address of my appservers to httpd and to provide the ip address of httpd to application servers


      actually, as i am on aws/ec2, i think we can accomplish a sort of bidirectional advertising using SNS and/or SQS

      or may be your S3 implementation just work


      that's a lot of questions i know, i apologize

      but, please be patient

      thanks in advance