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    IE6 Dialog Popup issue with Richfaces

    Paskal Sanil Newbie


      I have this problem in IE6.

      For one of a file export/import scenario, on the main page we have a Submit button. "On submit" we popup a Dialog (i will refer to it as "MyDialog") which has an Hyperlink to a file. On the click of the Hyperlink, Window's default "File Save As" dialog appears. This will enable the user to download the file to his machine.

      Upon selecting "Cancel" on the "File Save As" dialog (Window's) it closes. now focus is on "MyDialog". On click of the "Close" button in my "MyDialog", it too closes. Issue now is, if i click on the "Submit" button again to popup "MyDialog", nothing happens.

      However please note that there is no such problem with FireFox. Has anyone faced this issue before?If yes, how it could be solved? Or Is it some bug with Rich Faces?

      I can post some sample code if needed.

      Thanks in advance,
      paskal sanil